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Nykieria Chaney is a talented creative with a passion for using art as a means of inspiring change and promoting understanding. As a playwright, Chaney's works center around the rich history and experiences of the black community, with an emphasis on showcasing the accomplishments and perspectives of influential black Americans. Her plays, which range from historical dramas to modern comedies, seek to engage and entertain audiences while also fostering critical thinking and empathy.


In addition to her work as a playwright, Chaney is also a Getty images editorial photographer. With a deep understanding of the long history of exploitation and misrepresentation of black people in media and art, Chaney takes great care to create images that are respectful, dignified, and empowering. Her goal is to celebrate the diversity and individuality of the black community, and to challenge negative stereotypes and prejudices through her art. With a commitment to being an ally and advocate for her subjects, Chaney uses her talents to bridge divides and create a more inclusive and just world.

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